Stop Calling Me

Thanks in advance.

On a fateful Friday afternoon I was browsing domains and noticed this was for sale. I saw the price and quickly bought it. At the time I was unaware that the .us ccTLD did not allow anonymous WHOIS contact information. I very quickly realised my mistake the following Monday morning when one of my numbers—which I have given out maybe three times—began to be hammered with calls from web developers. So I've created this page to ask you not to call me.

Since this page went up, I have noticed a dramatic drop in calls. To those that see this and decided not to call me, thank you. To those that decide to call me anyway, welcome to the Wall of Shame.

The Wall of Shame

I'm a fair person; so I've decided to hold off on adding to the Wall of Shame until May 7th 14:00 (UTC-5) to allow for DNS propagation.

Time Number Caller ID Notes
Time Number Caller ID Notes
19/05/08 11:20:56 714-895-6236 V5081218440001033708 Tried to sell me web development without even looking at the site to see if there was a site already.
19/05/14 14:31:47 619-326-3220 619-326-3220 Apparently offers multiple services. I was told the number was live and I could call it back. I'm uncertain if it is legitimate.